HOLISH The new barcelona beer


"HOLISH"The new craft beer made in Barcelona everyone wants to try is at Kitty O'Sheas!

There is 8 benefits of craft beer for health

1.- Preserves healthy kidneys. Artisanal beer is made up of 90% water, for this hydration reduces the risk of stones developing in our kidneys by 40%.

2.- Avoid constipation. Artisanal beer is one of the drinks with the highest soluble fiber content, which facilitates the evacuation of stools.

3.- Help our bones to be healthier. It contains a large amount of minerals, including silicon, a mineral that participates in the creation and repair of bones. "Elderly people who have consumed craft beer daily have a higher bone density, therefore, there has been a delay in the loss of bone density."

4.- Reduces the possibility of suffering heart attacks. According to a Harvard study of 70,000 women between 25 and 40 years old, those who consume craft beer in a moderate way are less likely to suffer heart attacks because it reduces the risk of developing high blood pressure (risk factor in attacks of heart). Craft beer reduces the risks of developing cardiovascular pathologies.

5.- Reduces the possibility of suffering from some types of cancer. Although it may seem contradictory because excessive alcohol consumption is a risk factor for cancer, if you drink beer moderately, as well as if you use it to marinate meat, for example, you reduce the risk. The reason, craft beer is full of antioxidants that eliminate, to a large extent, potentially carcinogenic agents.

6.- Prevents insomnia. Beer, like wine, makes people sleepy and helps them sleep peacefully. Similarly, it also helps fight stress. So you know if you drink a beer after your workday you will reduce your stress and the anguish generated by work.

7.- Prevents the formation of blood clots. Blood clots are semisolid masses of blood that can block the flow of blood where they form. Well, craft beer can also prevent the formation of these clots. Forbes magazine collects a study by R. Curtis Ellison, professor of medicine and health at the University of Boston, which confirms that the consumption of one or two beers a day can help in this regard.

8.- ALARG THE LIFE. Thanks to the so-called polyphenols found in malt and hops and containing antioxidants, which prevent chronic diseases and cellular aging. The ones that contain more polyphenols are IPA's type beers